Spring Fever


I have Spring fever running through my blood! I am anxiously awaiting greener grass, blooming flowers, budding trees, warmer weather, baseball {Jeter and the Yankees}, hiking, and some spring cleaning! It’s been in the low 60’s around here this week. Do you know the last time I wore a dress? I couldn’t tell you. Okay false, I can but it was inside and not outside on a beautiful day. I have had this J.Crew dress hanging in my closet for months and months waiting to hit the fresh outdoors. To keep it casual I threw on a baseball cap {to hide my messy hair and no makeup) and my aviators. Purchasing fresh flowers is must for me. I love how they look and brighten up the home. Ranunculus are one of my favorite flower. I like them because sometimes you can’t tame them, they grow whatever direction they want too. The ones pictured are now sitting a top my night stand looking and smelling fresh!

{Side note, please don’t mind the old fire pit in the background, sometimes you’re in a rush for a photo opp}


_DSC0873  _DSC0923 _DSC0926

Dress: J.Crew {old} // Shoes: Shoedazzle {old} // Hat: J.Crew {sale} // Purse: Michael Kors

Sunglasses: Ray Ban // Watch: Michael Kors // White Bracelet: J.Crew {old} // Gold Bracelet: Forever 21 {old}


A helpful hint, the best flowers come from Trader Joe’s! I don’t know why or what it is about them but whenever I purchase them from there, they last 2+ weeks! I always add in the plant food and make sure they get plenty of water. Be sure to trim off the ends before placing in a vase. Best part is, they are inexpensive and can be bought all year round.


A Monday Makeover

Today I am sharing with you a recent DIY project Christian and I took on. A little background to this DIY project goes back to almost two years ago when we moved in. Christian and I moved in together on one of the hottest days in June. We were lucky to get some great furniture pieces from his mom and Craiglist and all the other pieces we purchased came from…IKEA. Go ahead and hate all you want on IKEA but we happen to like it. All the pieces we have (sofa, dining room table, coffee table, etc.) are all still in perfect condition. Would I have rather spent those endless hours wasted on putting the furniture together on something else, absolutely! But in the end it works for our home and budget.

Now picture this, we moved in with an almost complete bedroom set. A bed and frame, a dresser, and a floor lamp but we lacked night stands. From June until about a month ago we searched Target, Craigslist, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Amazon, and IKEA but came up empty handed. They were either too small, too expensive, not enough storage, too short, wrong color or the wrong finish. We had given up. I was using a stack of old magazines for mine while Christian had a storage container as his.

It wasn’t until more recently I came across a pin on Pinterest. I was in love with the nightstand! It had to cost $250 at least. I clicked on the pin and closed my eyes until I thought the site loaded. I hit the jackpot, it was an IKEA hack (search IKEA RAST Hack and see all the other awesome designs you can do!)

I basically followed along the instructions on the original hackers blog but like most things, I put my own spin on it.

Christian and I made a trip to IKEA to purchase the RAST dressers after he agreed with me that he liked the look of the finished results.

1. Go to IKEA or IKEA Online and purchase the RAST dresser. You’ll want to purchase your stain and paint after getting the dressers. We used Benjamin Moore Chanitilly Lace paint with a high gloss finish, and stain in red mahogany. I also purchased brass spray paint for the knobs (not pictured).

2. Assemble the IKEA dressers while watching Dallas Buyer’s Club and enjoying a beer. (Well you can leave out the movie and beer but that’s what Christian did) Remember not to add the knobs on yet.



3. Stain the frame of the dresser with the three drawers removed. (I’m pretty sure we did one coat but add more for your desired look)


4. While the stain is drying (The stain takes way longer to dry than the paint) begin painting the drawers. I did about 3-4 coats of paint to acquire the finish I liked. The picture shows 1-2 coats.


5. Take the wooden knobs and place them upright in a box, or on newspaper and spray paint them entirely. 1-2 coats depending on preference of look. I did them in the box and let the first coat dry and then turned them so all angles were covered.


6. Allow everything enough time to dry. Now you can screw the knobs in to place and assemble the drawers back in to the base. Note: you can change out the IKEA knobs for anything you like. I just didn’t want to spend an additional $41 on the hardware suggested in the Pinterest idea.

7. Voila! Add your personal accessories to decorate your night stand and fill the drawers with things you need stored!



1 Broke Girl & Some Burgers



If you don’t watch 2 Broke Girls then the title flew over your head a little. My necklace is Caroline Channing inspired. I have recently gotten in to the show and am a total Caroline {style and budget wise}. I love the way that she constantly rocks a similar necklace to mine in almost every episode. When I found an inspired necklace on e-Bay I had to get it, it was also under $5!




Jacket: Forever 21 {old} // Tee Shirt: Kohl’s {old} // Jeans: Old Navy {on sale!} // Shoes: Target {old, try these} //Bag: Philip Lim x Target {old} // Belt: J.Crew {old} // Necklace: e-Bay //Sunglasses: Ray Ban //




Friday night’s are usually date nights around our house. We have normally ran out of food for the week or eaten all our left overs that we step out for good drinks and good food. We decided to try out Bare Burger and it was delish! We got a little carried away in the pickle department but shared two awesome burgers. If there is one in your area definitely check it out!

Also, sorry for the poor picture quality recently, my Nikon battery is finally charged!

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 9.42.25 AM

Material Basics


This outfit has actually become a constant in my rotation. This outfit is made up of specific material basics. Jean jacket, cream sweater, gray jeggings, and white sneakers. It’s as casual as it comes and great for a day of running errands and grabbing some grub. I never, and I mean never, thought I would wear jeggings but the material of this brand is like nothing I have imagined. It’s not that flimsy, legging material. It’s a soft, broken in, denim feeling that I love about jeans.






Sweater: SheInside {old} // Jeggings: Dittos {try these} // Denim Vest: Target Kids// Sneaks: Converse //

Sunglasses: Ray Ban // Purse: Michael Kors // Bracelet: Target {it’s a staple now, the other one my mom got me as a gift from Florida} // Watch: Michael Kors //

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 9.42.57 AM

Spring Blooms


Okay, so maybe there aren’t flowers blooming all around.  The snow is finally starting to melt! Now all we need is warmer temperatures, green grass, and flowers blooming. These J.Crew x Liberty pants are one of my favorites. I like to wait until one of the first warmer days of spring to bring them out.  They are so fun and surprisingly, go with a lot. I love pairing them with a crisp white tee and my white converse for an easy look.





Tee Shirt: Forever 21 {old} // Blazer : J.Crew {old, want this one} // Pants J.Crew {old} // Bag : Michael Kors // Sneakers: Converse //

Sunglasses: Ray Ban // Watch : Michael Kors // Bracelet: Target //

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 9.44.10 AM

Spring Awakening

paisley full

I don’t know if it’s just me, but winter is dragging. As you can see from these pictures we are still waiting for heaps of snow to melt and green grass to cover the ground. It’s a bit premature to dress for spring, but I needed a change! I treated myself to this J.Crew shirt as a reward for working a crazy busy event back in February and finally wore it! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it {you can snatch it up now, on sale!}.

paisley close

paisley top

boots and bag

paisley jacket full

jacket laugh

Shirt: J.Crew // Jacket: J.Crew // Jeans: J.Brand {old} // Belt: J.Crew {old} // Boots: Target {old, try these} // Watch: Michael Kors // Bracelet:Target {J.Crew version} // Sunglasses: Forever 21 {old} //Bag: Michael Kors

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 9.44.21 AM

Birthday Wannabe Wednesday

I wanted to take a moment to wish a very Happy Birthday to the most amazing boyfriend in the world, my boyfriend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTIAN! I hope you have the most amazing birthday :) In honor of this studs birthday I am honoring him with my “Wannabe Wednesday”post.

Christian is one of the most caring, thoughtful, and kind people I know in this world. He is funny, sweet, and respectful. Not to mention, he has a killer sense of style (maybe that’s why we are such a perfect match). Today’s Wannabe Wednesday is inspired by some of Christian’s wardrobe staples. Christian likes classic, neutral colors but always adds in bright, funky, and fun pieces to off set the neutrals.

Birthday Wannabe Wednesday